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Owl with Colored Pencils :iconnewloveart31:newloveart31 12 2 40 Days: WTF? :iconnewloveart31:newloveart31 6 3 50 Days: A Party :iconnewloveart31:newloveart31 7 2 60 Days: Going Invisible :iconnewloveart31:newloveart31 2 0 70 Days: A Deadly Trick :iconnewloveart31:newloveart31 4 18 80 Days: Thalia Grace :iconnewloveart31:newloveart31 4 5 90 Days: Into Battle :iconnewloveart31:newloveart31 8 7 100 Days: A Girl and Her Horse :iconnewloveart31:newloveart31 4 42 Deannnnn :iconnewloveart31:newloveart31 9 3 The Last Fourteen Seconds of The Chemistry :iconnewloveart31:newloveart31 3 0 Kiriban #2 :iconnewloveart31:newloveart31 1 15 ONE GODDAMN DAY: Seven Half-Bloods :iconnewloveart31:newloveart31 2 37 2 DAYS: Time Has Passed :iconnewloveart31:newloveart31 4 28 3 DAYS: Percy Jackson, Son of Poseidon :iconnewloveart31:newloveart31 4 7 5 Days: After the War (WARNING: FEELSY FANFIC) :iconnewloveart31:newloveart31 4 6 10 Days: The Other Side :iconnewloveart31:newloveart31 5 28
I draw stuff for fandoms whenever I have free time. I mostly use pencils and colored pencils. The ones with the CP always come out the crappiest.

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RotG: SHIFT (pg 114) :iconlivingalivecreator:LivingAliveCreator 201 108 Head Above Water :iconneglanash:Neglanash 1 28
Devious Journal Entry
Tagged by :iconfullmetalnyuu:.
1. Pick one (or more) of your OCs.
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OCs.
3. Tag four people to do this meme!
4. Tell people that they been tagged with a link from your journal.
1. What is your name?
Me - None of your beeswax. So just call me whatever.
Neglanash - Neglanash…
Gihco - Storgikóteras... but you can call me Gihco.
2. Do you know why you were named that?
Me - Yes. Even though I'm not telling you what it is.
Neglanash - I have a few guesses…
Gihco - Mhm… my original mother named me based on my personality as a baby. It means "kindest" in Greek. *smiles sweetly*
3. Are you single or taken?
Me - Taken.
Neglanash - I kind of need a heart to date, do I not?
Gihco - *rubs the back of her neck* Single…
4. Have any abilities or powers?
Me - I can kinda sword fight and I like to think that I'm a necromancer.
Neglanash - Elemental, yes.
Gihco - *looks around cautiously*
5. Stop being a Mary-sue!
Me - Um, huh
:iconneglanash:Neglanash 1 2
Supernatural :icondoomedtofail:DoomedToFail 2,245 328
I am a...
Tagged by :iconnewloveart31:...
1.  Say "I am a..." for the title.
2.  List all the things you are, judging by your fandoms.
3. Legitimately tag 3-5 people.
4. No tag backs.
I am a....
Demigod (Percy Jackson)
Guardian (R.O.T.G)
Dragon Trainer (H.T.T.Y.D)
Witch (Harry Potter)
Necromancer (Kane Chronicles)
Warrior (Bernard Cornwell's book; Excalibur)
Superhero (Avengers)
Mutant (X-men)
Villain (disney movies)
CreepyPasta (CreepyPastas)
Host (Kane Chronicles)
Leo Lover (Heroes of Olympus)
PHANatic (Danisnotonfire x AmazingPhil)
Shipper (Just as it states)
I may or may not have forgotten some...

I tag... :iconfullmetalnyuu:, :iconpearly88:, and :iconchaoticpuppetmaster:
:iconneglanash:Neglanash 1 2
Nor Do I Fear Death
"Nor do I fear death," Reyna said, the words rolling off her tongue smoothly and echoing around Jason's mind for quite some time.
They had been on their daily patrol around the borders of Camp Jupiter when the matter of the oncoming war had claimed its own importance in their minds. Jason had been the first one to talk, breaking the clumsy silence that had settled between them.
"Reyna?" he had asked. He tried to look uninterested, keeping his eyes fixed on his golden weapon and only occasionally sneaking tentative glances at Reyna.
"Yes?" her eyes had been scanning the surrounding camp intently, as if an entire army would just materialize out of the nearest bush had she not been looking at it warily. When silence greeted her words, and only then, did she look at Jason. He looked distraught. "Yes?" she repeated again, louder this time, trying to gain his attention back.
"What do you think about war?" Jason was fully aware that this was a stupid question to ask a daughter of Bellona, or
:iconseabit:Seabit 20 14
Annabeth's Camp Half-Blood Necklace :icongreybird4:GreyBird4 231 36 Under Pressure :iconnabhan:NaBHaN 4,742 283 :crunches: :iconstuck-in-suburbia:stuck-in-suburbia 19 6 Don't Forget :iconneglanash:Neglanash 1 0 ASK MORI - POTENTIAL ASKBLOG? :iconcirquedelart:cirquedelart 49 40 fireworks :iconm0x1eg1rl:m0x1eg1rl 3 5 Sleepless Nights [Heroes of Olympus] :iconrhaylee:Rhaylee 629 291
Devious Journal Entry
• The first 15 people comment this journal, I will put their avatar
and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!
• If you comment, you have to do the same in your journal, putting me in the first spot.
The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! 
(And a fourth one because you're special :3)
:iconpjatoluv:PJatOluv 3 25
Mature content
DA FUCK? :iconmoatheoreoqueen:MoaTheOreoQueen 278 579
Red Fox :iconda-vos:Da-Vos 763 22
Yeah. I like a lot of stuff.


  • Listening to: fall out boy
  • Eating: matzah

I should probably explain the hiatus, sorry.  sometime in December, I kinda cracked under pressure and had a little bit of a meltdown about high school and all of the work I was getting.  My mom, who was pissed at how late I was staying up and that I was leaving all of my work to the night before it was due, installed some kind of software that blocked any recreational sites, like the iPrism at my school.  Over winter break, the work didn't let up, but I went to France to see my sister (I'll post photos at some point).  Now, I'm on spring break and my grades are at an all time high, so my mom finally agreed to uninstall the software.  I'm currently in the process of readjusting to having the full internet at my disposal, but I'm sure I'll be on my tumblr in no time.   Over the past four months, I've had a lot of time to work on art projects and change up my style, so I'll post those soon.  So for now, I'm gonna go clean out the thousands of notifications in my inbox, reply to all those messages (I'm really sorry) and enjoy my break (as much as I can, at least, with no bread) :D
Talk to you guys soon!


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United States
Melinda | Teenager | New York

Here you will find: lots of traditional/fanart, sketches, sarcasm, emoticons and crying.

- SuperWhoLock
- Marvel, Avengers, X-Men, etc
- Arrowverse
- Other TV shows (Teen Wolf, HTGAWM, OUAT, GoT, etc)
- Various books (PJO, THG, TFIOS, etc)

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